• To support children and young people who, due to domestic violence, family homelessness or poverty, are very likely to be linked to gangs, to use harmful substances, to be involved in teenage pregnancies, to abandon formal education and to end up living on the street.

• To develop methodologies that help children to discover and become enthusiastic about the pleasure of learning, reading, creating, and innovating, as a fundamental strategy to overcome the realities of violence and all kinds of disadvantages.

• To create the conditions allowing these children to make their dreams come true and to transform their reality, helping them to learn how to take advantage of the formal education system until they complete their higher education.

• To support young people who, having graduated from secondary education, do not have the resources to proceed into higher education.• To find and to promote talent in science, arts, and sports, providing opportunities for children to discover their skills and talents and encouraging them to take advantage of what the country offers in these fields.

• To develop, adapt and implement socioeconomic cooperation models where the collective interest prevails over individual interests, working with the firm belief that the weak, dispossessed, and marginalized can have better results in the pursuit of solutions to their most pressing needs by acting as a group, rather than by acting on an individual basis.

• To create a community. We welcome people who want to devote their lives to helping those most in need, which is the goal of the Foundation. For these people, the Foundation organizes communities that allow them to respond to the complex needs of the service, as well as to meet their own basic needs.