My experience at the Zuá Foundation was extremely pleasant and enriching. I never thought that I would receive so much love and affection from the children and the teachers ... I felt at home!

For me, having worked during the summer at the Zuá Foundation gave me great satisfaction and, of course, the desire to return. The tutors; Young people so dedicated that at their young age they are clear about the objectives they are pursuing, they work hard and are an example to follow for children.

My experience in Colombia was amazing, as a 21-year-old girl who does not know any Spanish at all, she was scared at first.

My name is Max-Jonas Schröder I am German and I turned 25 years old during my time as a volunteer at the ZUÁ Foundation.

Coming to the Foundation and meeting people so committed to the social issue was the main motivation to stay, and although I know it was not long, for me it was one of the best experiences, the children, the tutors, the teachers, the coordinator Dianita and the PROFE are all wonderful beings, thank you very much for allowing me to enter a little into that beautiful world full of so much energy.