Erika Moreno - Colombia

Hello everyone ... My name is Erika Moreno, I want to tell you a little about the experience and fortune I had when I belonged to the Zuá Foundation, I am a social worker and volunteer at the Foundation, it was a very enriching experience for my profession, and, of course, for me as a person.

Coming to the Foundation and meeting people so committed to the social issue was the main motivation to stay, and although I know it was not long, for me it was one of the best experiences, the children, the tutors, the teachers, the coordinator Dianita and the PROFE are all wonderful beings, thank you very much for allowing me to enter a little into that beautiful world full of so much energy.

I very much admire this Foundation and its strong social commitment, it is a daily struggle for education, culture, recreation, sport, art, all of this with one main objective to change realities, fulfill dreams and improve lives. Thank you all because of each one I have very good memories and I really congratulate you because you have incomparable work, I think the most gratifying in the world to see a child's smile.

And remember….

“The study is not measured by the number of pages read in a night, nor by the number of books read in a semester.
Studying is not an act of consuming ideas, but of CREATING AND RECREATING THEM. "
Paulo Freire

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