Gabriela Ramírez - Mexico

For me, having worked during the summer at the Zuá Foundation gave me great satisfaction and, of course, the desire to return.

The tutors; Young people so dedicated that at their young age they are clear about the objectives they are pursuing, they work hard and are an example to follow for children.

Discovering this explosion of passion to serve, space where children can have access to a different reality, a reality that fills them with curiosity and the desire to eat the world. In this place, there is an implacable determination that keeps all those who are in this mission afloat, a desire to get ahead that is contagious, smiles and hugs, affection for each child that you have the fortune to meet.

My days at the foundation managed to convince me that in each child there is hope, a possibility of change, of new leaders. Educating children, it seems to me, is one of the most difficult and important tasks that exist today, since it is about forming human beings with values and social responsibility.

"Generators of the future" that is what they are. I greatly appreciate the opportunity I had to meet them, to let myself enter their world and be able to share mine with them.

I appreciate every lesson that I learned from the children and every horizon that I opened before their eyes, every smile that they provoked me, and every bit of curiosity that I could have left them, I appreciate the affection that I received from everyone; children, tutors, cooks and I send them all mine from my country.