Max Jonas Schröder - Germany

My name is Max-Jonas Schröder I am German and I turned 25 years old during my time as a volunteer at the ZUÁ Foundation.

The three months in Bogotá that I worked for the Foundation were a great experience in my life and I will never forget it and when I look back I will happily remember this experience again.

From my first day, I felt very welcome by the children and the teachers. The teachers, most of whom started as children at the Foundation, are very friendly and helpful. They have helped me with all my problems and questions and they do an amazing job. Without exception, they are all good people.

Children are highly motivated to learn and I enjoy spending time with them very much and I will miss all of them.

The other place of the Foundation is located in Sasaima where I went for a weekend. The place has a beautiful nature within the jungle with different plants, fruits, vegetables and good children too. I totally enjoyed all the moments in which you help the Foundation, thank you very much for the opportunity to be a part of that wonderful project. Thank you very much children for your patience with my bad Spanish, I will miss you and thank you teachers for the good atmosphere.