Who we are

We are a group of professionals of various disciplines, origins, and ways of thinking, united with the aim of offering growth and development alternatives to a group of families in need in southern Bogota. By joining forces with these low-income segments of the population, we have brought them into the educational system —primary, secondary and higher education—, creating alternatives of self-sustainability and, gradually, empowering themselves to lead their lives and build their dreams.

We do not align our objectives to any political or religious movement. Our only aim is to provide affection, support, trust and the tools that will allow the beneficiaries of the Foundation to fulfil their dream of having better conditions for their lives in the future and to live their lives with dignity and perseverance.

We are an ever-growing team where we welcome those who believe that we can fight poverty more effectively.

The Foundation has acquired legal status recognized by resolution nº 0916 of 7 June 2002 issued by the ICBF (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare). (Fiscal ID Number: NIT 830104271-8).