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Dear Friends,

In this e-newsletter, we are pleased to share with you the testimony of Sam Rider, who has dedicated his time as a volunteer at the Zuá Foundation in Colombia. Through his experiences, Sam offers us a unique perspective on community work and the value of social commitment. We invite you to immerse yourself in his experience and reflect on the impact that each of us can have on the lives of others.

Sunday, 17 December 2023 16:30

25 years producing future

Dear Zuá Family,

The Foundation has just celebrated its 25th anniversary since its inception, which represents a valuable contribution to the country in terms of serving the most in need. To commemorate this milestone, we gathered on December 3rd with friends who have supported us and were able to attend our invitation. During the presentation, once again, they were able to witness some of what we do with the children and the extraordinary way in which they respond. The event was conceived as a synthesis of the work done over these 25 years. This newsletter is a brief description of what happened at that event. In the following newsletters, we will provide more detailed information about these commemorations.

Saturday, 01 July 2023 00:02

Productive Pedagogical

Dear Zuá family.

It is with great excitement that we share with you the latest news from Fundación Zuá; last May, in commemoration of International Bee Day, we participated in the third edition of APIFEST Efecty 2023. This event is part of the "Polinizando Conciencias" program carried out thanks to Efecty's commitment to social and corporate responsibility: Giros, pagos y recargas, which brought together various beekeeping projects with initiatives of high social and environmental impact, where educational and commercial activities were carried out and outstanding beekeeping projects were recognized.

Sunday, 11 June 2023 19:16


In May 1998 we gathered a group of friends around the Pedraza Isaza family, with the illusion of contributing to the fight against poverty, directing our hopes to help children and young people who were not receiving any kind of help; our efforts would be focused on collaborating in the use of educational opportunities, a necessary way for people to dream and achieve their goals.

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 22:33

March Newsletter 2023

The Foundation has managed to promote a love of reading in many children and young people through its activities by providing access to physical or digital books, organizing writing workshops, and offering read-aloud sessions; providing the necessary tools to develop critical thinking and communication skills, resulting in a better understanding of the world around them and developing greater confidence in themselves.

Wednesday, 01 March 2023 15:32

February Newsletter 2023

"Due to the interest and concern of some of our friends, volunteers, benefactors and beneficiaries to learn more about the structure of the Foundation and its operation, we wish to share details about the bodies that make up the administrative management, including their composition and functions."

Sunday, 29 January 2023 16:10

January Newsletter 2023

Good wind and good sea to all; we know that it depends on us that this will be a very fruitful year for many girls and boys of the Foundation.

Saturday, 24 December 2022 22:12

December Newsletter 2022

This was a year full of important achievements and satisfaction, as well as lessons that lead us with great hope and optimism to 2023; With this December newsletter, we want to share with our very dear friends who support us and follow us some of the most significant achievements of 2022:

Saturday, 26 November 2022 00:35

November Newsletter 2022


 Getting to the room where we meet the children is a feat, because in winter, which has been most of the year, there is mud everywhere, while on sunny days, there is a dust that invades the lungs; however, at 7:30 in the morning we find smiling, happy children who, regardless of the conditions, know they will be greeted by people who give them a warm hug and then share a hot breakfast with them.

Saturday, 05 November 2022 15:34

October Newsletter 2022

This program consists of welcoming young men and women from the department of Cauca who have had a very low score in the Saber Tests and therefore neither study nor work, because their families are of very limited resources and can not support them, so we offer them a light of hope from our rural headquarters Los Senderos - Sasaima, Cundinamarca- to attend the pre-university; If these young people pass, they apply to the public university, and if they pass, they leave the Foundation to continue their careers; if they do not pass, the Foundation finances them a career at the private university for up to $3,000,000 per semester. In exchange, those admitted must donate a minimum of 25 hours per week in technical and administrative aspects of the Foundation or in work at the rural headquarters.

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