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April Newsletter 2021

The COVID19 pandemic surrounded by so many negative aspects, so much pain and deaths, also brought with it a great opportunity for the Zuá Foundation to work with families and directly with 20 mothers, aged between 27 and 42 years, with an average between 2 and 8 children and whose ages range from one year to adolescents; Many of them live with a partner in a free union, some are married, but many of them are separated due in large part to physical and psychological abuse.

The mothers whom we work live in Patio Bonito and in Bosa and only 10% of them have their own house, the rest live in rent having to pay many times unfair prices for a room, but it is all they get for the little money they receive working on recycling.

Most have great aspirations to improve their quality of life through an enterprise or a new possibility of a formal job, however, their low academic level means that they do not achieve it so easily, so it is urgent to support them so that they reach the level of education they require.


Once the mother decides to enter the program, and agrees to dedicate at least 2 hours a day, the process of psychosocial support and education for life begins; In the first, the mother finally finds someone for whom her realities, pain, anguish, violence and frustrations are important, and through psychological support and social work, she is helped to regain her self-confidence. In the process of education for life, the mother resumes her activity of learning reading, basic mathematics and literacy in technology, all essential elements for her to enter school to start formal education.

Right now with the 20 moms we are working with, 6 of them are already in high school between seventh and ninth grade and the rest are studying primary school. We were able to enroll them in an Institute that offers virtual education where they progress through cycles. Each cycle has two grades of primary or baccalaureate, and they are provided with a permanent accompaniment by the teachers, which makes them highly motivated by their individual progress.

On the other hand, the mothers have the accompaniment of the Foundation's professional team that follows up on each one. In addition to this professional accompaniment, the Foundation pays the costs of the studies and provides the majority with a subsidy to pay for the internet. In some cases, and as far as resources allow, a computer is loaned to them.






What we want with this promotion, in addition to the profit for them, is that they have better elements to be moms and can accompany their children in their studies, some of them are already assuming their tutoring, which shows the goodness of the program.

This has been a great challenge for the Foundation, but we have managed to empower these mothers, their children and their families.







Greetings to all and God bless you for your always support.










Moises Pedraza Robayo 
Fundación Zuá


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