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August Newsletter 2022

Dear family, on this occasion we decided it was time to give a voice to those leaders who are "behind the scenes", committed and courageous women who make it possible, on a daily basis, for this project to become a reality for many children of the Foundation.



"Weaving trust and sisterhood in this social and community process has allowed me during this time to form myself as a daughter, sister, mother, professional, woman, and better human being, understanding the importance of serving with love to those in need. I carry in my mind, in my heart, and on my skin, the stories of many people, big and small, who have passed through this place, teaching me that there is no time for reproaches, to stop, or to look back.
I have seen in their eyes the hope for a better world, the illusion of a stable future, and the certainty of a possible present. I have treasured as many hugs and expressions of love and gratitude as possible. I have lived and continue to live, certain that we are capable of doing great things when we concentrate on what is important and work TOGETHER." 




"Since I was twelve years old, being part of this space that I feel as my home and where I have learned to love education and serve from it.
I began my collaboration with the Foundation in 2010, as a tutor of the younger grades helping them to develop their homework and in their school reinforcement, in return, the Foundation supported my career since 2011 achieving my degree as Bachelor of Arts in 2015. Since 2012 until today I have been in charge of the Music spaces, and since 2019 I coordinate the artistic area also accompanying the theater processes.
Loving teaching and discovering a range of possibilities to share knowledge from art, I have made sure to learn non-stop, either from the academy or from the spaces of the Foundation where each girl and boy have shown me how happy I am revealing together the development of our capabilities."




"I have been linked to the Zuá Foundation since 2014, which opened the doors giving me the opportunity to study and help others.  I studied psychology at the Universidad Minuto de Dios and after that, I completed a postgraduate degree in Clinical Neuropsychology at the Universidad San Buenaventura.
Currently, I coordinate the program Joven Porvenir del Cauca, at the Senderos headquarters in Sasaima, Cundinamarca, and also everything that has to do with psychosocial assistance to the mothers of the children who are in the Foundation. I feel infinitely grateful and happy to be part of the great Zuá family".




"My name is Katherine Peña Gamez, I am 38 years old, I have three teenage children, I am the coordinator of the Bosa branch and I have been linked to the Foundation for three years. I feel immensely blessed by God, because at a time in my life when I could not find light, the Foundation arrived, first impacting three young children who found it difficult to dream or even think that they could become professionals. After a very short time they were no longer the same, interested in reading, writing, dreaming, and above all believing that they could do whatever they wanted.

This is what Zuá does, a change of life through education, and not satisfied with what they did with my children their hand reached out to me offering me also the opportunity to study. With their support, I successfully finished high school, and now I am preparing to take the Icfes test and be able to enter the university. Without them none of this would be possible, but this is not the end, this process is just beginning because what we want in Bosa is that many children to be impacted and why not their families transformed by the revolution of education; thank you all for your donations which help us to help more vulnerable population". 


Family, you already know the faces of some of the people who make possible this dream that without your donations would only remain in words.
Thank you from all of us who are part of Zuá Foundation and we hope to continue counting on your help so that more stories like these continue to fill with hope the road we are traveling.


We are counting on you to support us so that many younger people can realize their dream of studying for a professional career. You can make your donation on behalf of the Zuá NIT Foundation 830104271-8 by the deposit or transfer to the following accounts: 

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