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August Newsletter

To strengthen support for the girls, boys and young people of the Zuá Foundation and make the most of their free time on vacation in a dynamic way, the development, in virtual form, of five contests on topics that used to be worked before the pandemic On Saturdays in person at the Palmitas headquarters, in what we call the Artistic and Sports Base Group.


For this contest we have families from the Patio Bonito and Bosa venues - 43 participants registered -; and the following competition areas were proposed: music, writing, theater, sports, and plastic. All the tutors motivated each family daily, who prepared the materials and sent them to the judges assigned to each contest. They analyzed, deliberated, and defined the winners assigning different prizes such as: stories, headphones, colors, balls, and a family pizza to each winner.


agosto 1

 "ARTISTIC EXPRESSION". It was a space of exploration and expression in which they could visually show what happens in their environment using paintings, comics, caricatures and comics. There was a lot of creativity in the handling of pictorial expressions, abstracts, graphic languages and the use of colors associated with their feelings, dreams and hopes, thus we were able to know what their minds can create As the winner we had a girl from the Patio Bonito campus.


agosto 2


"CREATIVE MINDS". With great joy we discovered the potential of all the participants to develop original writings on free subjects -between one thousand and two thousand words- Each of the writings were analyzed taking into account the spelling and writing, comments, suggestions and analysis of strengths and weaknesses. The jury selected a girl from the Bosa headquarters.


agosto 3

 "PERFORMING ARTS". There was a lot of imagination and creativity. The personification, the costumes, the scenery that they prepared for their assembly were evaluated and some aspects of the interpretation that each participant made in their video were reviewed. The jury selected a 5-year-old girl from the Patio Bonito campus.

agosto 4


"TELL IT BY SINGING". Different musical interpretations were presented with themes from the Zuá Foundation, school, love, family, friends, pandemic, and Colombia. The analysis criteria were musical composition, originality, message of the lyrics, interpretation, emotion, and creativity. Some families had more than one member, which allowed them to do collective work. This is how the winning family prepared a synchronized exercise of body percussion with household elements such as buckets and other sounds that were of great impact as well as the lyrics of the song.

"SPORTS". It was a wonderful experience where we verified that the Foundation has a lot of talent, everyone showed an excellent attitude and was always supported by their family and friends. Some boys from the Bosa headquarters were selected, who stood out for the great humility and family support they received.

In conclusion, the holding of this quarantined holiday contest showed a great talent to carry out activities in a virtual way and generated an emotional, fraternal feeling, and even more because of the union and commitment of the participants, their families and the entire Foundation team Zuá.

Finally, we want to tell you that, during these University holidays, the tutors also competed with a video in which each one described what it had meant for them to be part of the Zuá Foundation. A jury analyzed all the videos presented and the most representative works were selected with prizes for three winners.


agosto 5


Greetings to all and may God bless you for your always support. 



Moises Pedraza Robayo
Fundación Zuá


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