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In May 1998 we gathered a group of friends around the Pedraza Isaza family, with the illusion of contributing to the fight against poverty, directing our hopes to help children and young people who were not receiving any kind of help; our efforts would be focused on collaborating in the use of educational opportunities, a necessary way for people to dream and achieve their goals.

From the beginning, our efforts were focused on single-parent families with an unemployed mother, with no job or parenting skills, with a past and present of violence, with several children who spend most of their time in the street or alone in a room and with a strong lack of food and affection, all of which easily makes these children drop out of the school system.

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Today, 25 years later, we can celebrate that this dream has come true and that what we thought would concentrate on the population, which we believed was the only one in need of help, has shown us over time that the effect has been equally important for those of us who have the opportunity to help.

Let us first look at some of the most important milestones that have been made possible by all of you:

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a. Between Patio Bonito -where we started in 2002- and Bosa -in 2018-, we have impacted the lives of approximately 1,300 girls, boys and young people, whom we have received at the headquarters, feeding them, taking advantage of their free time and offering them training opportunities for life, developing reading habits, teamwork, changing their street violence for learning workshops, arts and sports.








b. Of these children, 40 have managed to obtain a university degree, a group that includes engineers, psychologists, teachers, etc., who were the first in their families to enter university and who today, in the exercise of their professions, not only contribute to their families, but also form part of the group of professionals who create opportunities for many others. At present, another 20 young people are pursuing their university studies; two of the coordinators of the Foundation's branches have already obtained their master's degrees.

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c. Over time it was necessary to work with the mothers of these children, because if we help them to change their mentality, they can transform the way they guide their children. 20 of them have resumed their studies and have finished high school, 6 of them have studied a technical career and approximately 180 have taken part in the Parents' School, where they are trained in the most urgent strategies to guide their children.

d. Starting in 2018, the Foundation's actions were extended to the department of Cauca, given the urgent need to provide opportunities to young people in a region hit by violence and poverty. Since that year, 18 young people have been welcomed in the rural headquarters, 12 of whom are pursuing a university degree and the other 6 are studying pre-university, as a requirement for university entrance.


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e. The strategy of "Each one gives and each one receives" has been one of the Foundation's standards, since in this way there is no welfare or the feeling of "poor children, let's help them". Although external help is necessary, much of the achievements are due to the hard work and help of mothers, tutors and families as a whole. To cite just one example: tutors receive university tuition, but in return they must contribute 20 hours a week as tutors of the young children, and mothers must contribute 4 hours a week at the Foundation's offices.  

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 Thus, in order to have a greater or lesser impact on the lives of these more than 1,300 people, the key has been, on the one hand, the interest, hard work, motivation and collaboration of the beneficiaries themselves, and on the other hand, the strong support of a large team of volunteers, donors of economic resources and time, made up of people who have had more and better opportunities.


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 This scheme has become a win-win opportunity, because for those who contribute time, money, knowledge, etc., they have also received moments that have changed their lives; some experience a change in their feelings about life; for example, when they visit the children in Patio Bonito or Bosa and know the difficulties they face and despite that they are not lamenting their luck, but they struggle perhaps twice as much as we do to get ahead.

At events such as the end of the year artistic presentation and with a spectacular performance of the children, many friends express with emotion how these kids leave them profound lessons of overcoming, joy and effort; that they are an example for themselves as well as for their children and collaborators. Others begin to feel the joy of helping, sharing, feeling for others and being merciful, and this brings them peace, joy, fills them with energy, faith and hope that if we all help each other, the world will be a better place.

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The Foundation is a meeting place for these two worlds, which mutually transform each other, grow, learn and, by putting themselves on the same plane, form a new world, in the same attitude of helping and receiving help.  This is where we see the real contribution, even in a micro dimension, to the construction of the country we all want, where there are opportunities for all.

The balance after these first 25 years is extraordinary, firstly, because of what the people we have supported have achieved, secondly, because of the friends who as donors, volunteers, interns and other collaborators make the Foundation work and because together we have built a path and a knowledge that is positively and increasingly impacting more and more lives. While it is true that the Foundation has managed to reach the hearts of many people, it is essential to reach many more, because it is key to strengthen this group of people who contribute their knowledge, their gifts and their economic resources and that is where we must focus much of our energies and strategies, to take stock with people who are ready to help from their limitations and shortcomings to move forward.

For all this, 25 years of thanks to those who have trusted and have joined this wonderful work, through which we try to fulfill God's will to help each other.




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