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December Newsletter 2022

This was a year full of important achievements and satisfaction, as well as lessons that lead us with great hope and optimism to 2023; With this December newsletter, we want to share with our very dear friends who support us and follow us some of the most significant achievements of 2022:

The consolidation of the Bosa branch, thanks to the invitation of a group of mothers who had had their children in the program and who begged us to continue in that locality because of the benefits they had seen in them the previous year, they obtained a house for rent for a Kindergarten and for the Zuá Foundation program and so, to this great commitment, we had an excellent coordinator, a woman, mother, student, tutor and with a great sense of service that allowed us to begin work -teaching writing, reading and mathematics, snacks, lunch- at the end of February.


At the Patio Bonito headquarters, we consolidated the artistic workshops given by the Foundation for more than 160 children between January and December, receiving attention in the completion of their homework and school reinforcement; since February we were able to offer two snacks each day, until, with a great economic effort, starting in August we offered breakfast and lunch in the morning and lunch and snack in the afternoon to more than 90 people, including children and tutors. We also developed the instrumental music, vocal music and theater program. This resulted in the Artistic Show, presented last Sunday, December 4 at the Gabriel García Márquez Theater with 40 girls, boys and young people on stage, including 6 girls from the Bosa branch and a full house, in a performance that the audience did not hesitate to describe as excellent due to the performance of the children and the general care taken in all aspects of the presentation.

Another goal accomplished was achieved thanks to the determined and generous collaboration of Fundación Enlaza, since we were able to start at the end of July, the education of tutors in Comprehensive Sexual Education, a fundamental topic for the formation of both children and mothers. This activity provides tools so that the tutors can face different situations in the area of sexual education with children and young people, seeking ultimately the prevention of child sexual abuse, a phenomenon that destroys so many lives and dreams



It is also worth mentioning the consolidation of the Training program for mothers, through the Parents' School, coordinated by the psychosocial team, which has so far been the most successful strategy to reach mothers and guide them in the difficult task of educating their children, because if this task is not done, what is done with the children at the Foundation will be destroyed at home.

Finally, the main program of all the others, the Higher Education program, had the following results:

- Graduation of 2 professionals

- 13 students advanced 2 semesters in their university careers, most of them with very good averages in the 2 semesters.

- Admission of 10 pre-university students, most of whom presented considerable progress in their Saber Test scores, presented in March and September.

- One mother, who is also a tutor, began her university studies in the middle of the year, and 3 others took a technical program in order to be more efficiently linked to the labor market.



Finally, we would like to tell you about a process that has had excellent results in a subject as important as English. Thanks to the generous collaboration of the teacher Esperanza Arias, an experiment was started through which the teacher teaches English to the tutors and guides them, giving them the methodologies, contents, and resources so that they can do it with the youngest children, the 0-1 and 2-3 groups. This has allowed a better performance and approach of the children to English and is a solution to the lack of suitable teachers to initiate the children in this essential resource for their education.

At Senderos headquartes, the program Joven Porvenir del Cauca continues to fill us with joy and more commitment with the 13 young people who are currently at the headquarters and who develop their studies with the support of all of you, all of which made the program successful, because both in the knowledge tests and in the performance at the university, the results were excellent.


In summary, it was a transcendental year for many of the girls, boys and young people, because thanks to the Foundation's contribution they are transforming their lives. It was a year of consolidation and progress. It was a year of intense work for the entire team that makes this possible, to whom I give my deepest gratitude, because without this work, it would be impossible to show such a positive balance, as well as to those who believe in what we do and support us.

You are the invisible team, but very important in this process. Thousands of thanks, because together we are making a maximum effort to fulfill God's will: "help each other". Merry Christmas 2022 and a new year 2023 full of personal, family, and professional achievements.



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