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December Newsletter


This year the pandemic affected the entire world and we were not strangers; However, and despite its devastating effects, today we can say that in the midst of such a catastrophe we take advantage of this situation to seek new paths, improving and expanding some programs and creating two new ones, with satisfaction we can say that we came out stronger and with all the enthusiasm to better help more vulnerable children and families.

Here is a short account of what we have progressed this year thanks to your donations:


This was the response to the confinement of the children in their homes with unemployed mothers and without food; This campaign lasted from April to December, 530 markets were delivered to 100 of the most vulnerable families in Patio Bonito and in Bosa, achieving the strengthening of food security.

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Support for 100 girls, boys, and young people

in their learning, coordinated to

through the support network of

tutors who, in a virtual way,

they developed different activities

help with their homework and

taking advantage of children's free time.




In addition to individual work with several children for musical learning, in the field of theater 3 families were selected -of the most numerous of the Foundation- who were given a play to represent under the virtual accompaniment of the teacher of theater. These families performed the representation of the works, invented the costumes, created the scenery and recorded the video of their production using their own houses as a scenario. These videos were presented in an emotional virtual evening on December 12, sparking admiration for creativity, ingenuity and talent.

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We help mothers to regain the path of their dreams, improving their quality of life and those of their children in an integral way; To date, 20 mothers have been linked, to whom we have been providing support in:

- Psychosocial aspects for the management of all complex situations.

- We enroll them to finish their baccalaureate.

- We give them a computer and internet access so that they can study and help their children in their learning.



19 young people were enrolled this year at the university, advancing two academic semesters in the year achieving very good scores. This is very significant for our donors and for us, because we can show that we are helping them to dream and make their life plans come true.



This program, as its name indicates, is intended to support young people, women, and men in the Department of Cauca, whose population is suffering the most devastating attack of violence from different origins. The first three young people with whom this program began 3 years ago are going to enter their fourth semester. The next two enter the third semester of high school and by January five new members enter.


Friends, this Christmas, where hearts are filled with joy, we only have words of gratitude for the support you have given us to fulfill the goals of the Zuá 2020 foundation. Thank you for believing in the need to support girls, boys, young tutors and mothers who are heads of households, who need a helping, generous and unconditional hand to get ahead.









Moises Pedraza Robayo 
Fundación Zuá


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