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February Newsletter 2021

 There is no doubt that the countries that are at the forefront in the economic and social field are those which have consolidated a structure in higher education, at least the majority of their population or those that meet academic performance standards, enter university


For these countries, their universities are centers not only for professional training but above all, centers to produce knowledge, which, together with resources, enhances extraordinary economic growth; That being said, a strategy for a country to insert itself into the global economy is to raise the educational levels of its population and form a growing group of professionals. The country that does not do so will simply force its population to be marginal and poor.

The meaning of university education is above all human education, which teaches the person the value of knowledge and the value of being rather than having; The university, no matter how modest it is in its academic level, manages to instill in its students something of the artistic, scientific, and technological advances of humanity. In Colombia, a large part of young people is losing hope, since they lack the motivation to attend either a primary or secondary school because their right to dream of a different future is frustrated in the face of the impossibility of accessing a university. It is a challenge for the country, above all, to open the doors of the universities to the youth of the poorest and most isolated communities.

In our foundation, the idea of going to university did not fit in the minds of our students, with many materials and emotional deficiencies, and low self-esteem; But thanks to all of you, it became a reality, it is no longer a rarity, it is already something very serious and already, many of our students think that they can become professionals and break the cycle of mental and material poverty in which they were born.

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Therefore, from the Zuá Foundation, we are working hard to help people from the Patio Bonito and Bosa community, mostly young people who want to enter university. This program began in Patio Bonito in 2005 and currently, we have 20 young graduates and others in the process of completing their studies. We have found that higher education is the experience that changes the reality of each of these people and that of their families, since it gives access to employment opportunities, training at postgraduate levels, to transform themselves to lead not only productive but social processes; We also learned that if young people are given the opportunity, they can show that there are many other social actors who are willing to respond and do so with high efficiency.

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A gigantic qualitative step taken by the Foundation is the “Three-semester Pre-University Program”, designed to raise the academic level of applicants to enter the university, which does not only improve their score in the National exam, but also reach the level of training that allows them to enter the public or private university, and perform successfully in their studies.





Advancing in this program has been a challenge, especially due to the need to find volunteer teachers, who generously share their time, their knowledge, and their experiences in the different areas of learning. In times of a pandemic, it has also meant a greater challenge for the ZUÁ Foundation management, and especially for the coordinator of the Higher Education program, Manuel Jose Ramos, for the teachers, tutors and for the entire coordinating team.



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Joven Porvenir del Cauca: This program, which operates at the Los Sendero’s Study Center (Sasaima, Cundinamarca), is intended to support young people from the Department of Cauca, whose population is suffering the most devastating attack of violence from different sources.

The first three young students, with whom this program began in 2019, are in the fourth semester of their university career. In 2020, two more young people entered the first year of pre-university and in June of this year they entered the university and in January 2021, 6 new young people from Cauca entered the first semester of pre-university.

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We are experiencing difficult times in health and economy sector, and yet we always had confidence in the generosity of our donor friends, and we were able to continue the Higher Education program. For all this, much thanks, and we invite you to continue supporting us, since there are many girls, boys, and young people in our country which need help to get ahead and thus, with the help of all, we can make Colombia a fairer country, with equal opportunities for each citizen.

Greetings to all and God bless you for your constant support.










Moises Pedraza Robayo 
Fundación Zuá


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