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March Newsletter 2021

 Since the beginning of this year, we have prepared ourselves to serve children in the same virtual way as we did last year but taking firm steps to begin attending to some of them in person; This is how a gradual opening began at the Palmitas - Patio Bonito headquarters; for this, work schemes have been designed in a staggered manner and in alternation that allows fluidity in care under strict biosafety regulations. 

Since February and using this scheme, we have been working with 27 girls and boys and 6 tutors in specific work activities such as: support in carrying out tasks, guides, school reinforcements in areas such as literacy, mathematics and English, music and theater. In addition, some connectivity needs have been addressed in terms of technological elements and suitable spaces for carrying out their schoolwork, since in most cases they do not have enough tools to achieve it.

tres ninos

Those who attend the headquarters are given a snack that guarantees their good performance and concentration in the proposed activities, since the participation of children, young people and their tutors during these weeks has shown the importance of being able to share with other people in person as part of personal and social growth. There has also been evidence of a good disposition for academic work, responsibility when it comes to complying with the instructions given for staying at the headquarters, in addition to the joy that comes from returning home and meeting with colleagues.

nina con tapaboca




Although it is true that virtuality will from now on be an academic work tool that manages to guarantee the right to education, it is also true, the fact of providing quality assistance in person and individually and constantly to girls, boys and young people, because the academic processes have been greatly affected by this modality of distance work.





Therefore, we share our joy at being able to receive at the Palmitas headquarters some - most of them virtually follow - of the children most in need of face-to-face care, we hope to gradually achieve a balance between face-to-face and virtuality, complementing the two options and the great advantages of each one for the benefit of our children.


A fraternal greeting to all.








Moises Pedraza Robayo 
Fundación Zuá


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