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February Newsletter 2022

During the month of February, the start of the Foundation's PREUNIVERSITY program for the year 2022 was consolidated, resuming the original format of two semesters and extending until December 7 of this year.

 Two courses were opened for this period: Patio Bonito in Bogotá and Senderos in Sasaima; the first with eight students and the second with five from the department of Cauca within the program -Jovenir Porvenir del Cauca-. From there, six students arrived, from which it was decided to exempt one student from pre-university given his excellent Icfes score, entering directly to the University.


The Program has consolidated a group of volunteer teachers in the areas of:
1- Mathematics, Geometry and Metric Concepts.
2- Literature and Critical Reading.
3- English.
4- Biology.
5- Social Studies.
6- Technology.
7- Excel Programming.
8- Citizenship skills and Political Constitution of Colombia.



 We were able to solve the connectivity problems that the students had during the previous year, so that most of them attend the virtual classes of their professors from the Foundation's headquarters; likewise, we have the challenge of raising the average score of the Saber 11 test of the students who start the program from 210 points (statistically purged) to 250 at the end of the year, which is equivalent to the National average. Even more important than the above, we have the objective of placing 100% of the applicants in university programs so that they have sufficient skills to successfully develop their undergraduate projects.
All of this is possible thanks to the generosity of those who help us.

We need more friends to join the cause, because there are many children who need support to get ahead.



We are counting on you to support so that many younger people can realize their dream of studying a professional career. You can make your donation on behalf of the Zuá NIT Foundation 830104271-8 by the deposit or transfer to the following accounts: 

BANCOLOMBIA: Savings Account 193 110 588 03
DAVIVIENDA: Savings Account 005 100 104 321
BBVA: Savings Account 724 155 171


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