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February Newsletter 2023

"Due to the interest and concern of some of our friends, volunteers, benefactors and beneficiaries to learn more about the structure of the Foundation and its operation, we wish to share details about the bodies that make up the administrative management, including their composition and functions."




GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE ZUÁ FOUNDATION, is the highest authority of the Zuá Foundation, made up of seven members elected for a period of three years. The Council meets once a year in ordinary meetings and as often as required in extraordinary meetings. Among the functions of the Council are to determine the general orientations of the Foundation, control compliance with the statutes, policies, regulations, plans and programs, approve budgets and financial statements, and elect the Board of Directors and the Statutory Auditor.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS, made up of four members: president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary, elected for two years. Among its functions is to execute the policies and development plans, attend to the needs of the Foundation, delegate to the Legal Representative the functions it deems convenient, present to the General Council the execution and budget reports. It meets every month to review the academic and budgetary execution, program activities and approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE, acts on behalf of the Foundation in the search for agreements and resources for the annual operation, manages together with the treasurer the income and expenditure of bank accounts, and as director organizes and conducts monthly meetings with the coordinators of each site, tutors, mothers of children among others.


FISCAL REVIEWER, ensures that the financial operations of the Foundation are executed in accordance with the Bylaws, the General Council and the Board of Directors, verifies the accounting, minutes and records of the Foundation and authorizes with his signature the annual financial statements.

FINANCIAL TEAM, in charge of the preparation of the monthly financial results statements, the annual financial statements, the management of the automatic debit of the Godparents Plan, the search for donors to support the monthly income, the presentation to the DIAN of the update of the Special Tax Regime, the Income Tax Return and the exogenous information. She also prepares the donation certificates and other accounting issues required for the day-to-day operation of the Foundation.

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM, responsible for the preparation of documents required for the promotion of the Foundation, the preparation of monthly newsletters and sending to donors and friends, the management of the website in Spanish, English, French and updates of social networks.

HEADQUARTERS COORDINATORS TEAM, responsible in each of the Patio Bonito, Bosa and Senderos headquarters for the development of the planned programs and activities, the management of the necessary resources to ensure the feeding of the beneficiaries, managing the volunteer time of the tutors in the two days, conducting meetings with the mothers and remaining in each headquarters on a daily basis.


This organization of the management and administration of the Zuá Foundation has allowed us to be efficient in the management of financial resources, to serve each month to 120 girls, boys, young people and pre-university and university tutors. All of which is possible thanks to the support of donors and friends who generously contribute to give this vulnerable population a better future.

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We are counting on you to support us so that many younger people can realize their dream of studying for a professional career. You can make your donation on behalf of the Zuá NIT Foundation 830104271-8 by the deposit or transfer to the following accounts: 

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