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November Newsletter


At the Zuá Foundation, we have always recognized and valued the importance of strengthening their artistic talents in girls, boys, young people and families, so much so that each year a work was prepared with them, in person, a work that was presented in December, as an event year-end.

With the onset of the pandemic, all this changed and we faced the challenge of following the artistic training of children in virtual form; For this reason, a strategy that has been very successful has been to invite families, with several children in the Foundation, to put on a play.

To bring the characters in the plays to life, we decided to work with four families. Two families with eight members and two families with four members were selected, which has been a wonderful challenge.


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The works are: "A fish in the pot", "Eternal loves", "Not everything that shines" and "The window and the witch", which contain short scripts for children's theater that have been very interesting, as well as the characters who play each role.

 Two elements were integrated into each other to achieve the objectives: One, having selected very appropriate works for family groups due to the type of characters and the other, the accompaniment of each family by the professionals in charge of artistic advice at the Foundation, who have developed the pedagogical process in the artistic and motivational to encourage each family to give their best.  



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We are advancing this semester in an intense work with these four families, where creativity has played a very important role, especially in the characters, the script, their interpretation, the scenery and the music, ensuring that each family dedicates a large part of their time One of the first achievements was to show the children's reading difficulties, which led us to do a more in-depth exercise in each session and to overcome some other difficulties of the families, who always showed their interest in the works.

We have seen the value of the theater assembly as an ideal space to help children and young people in the development of their verbal and corporal expression, in the stimulation of their memory capacity, mental agility and imagination. Diverse talents of acting, body and facial expression, vocalization, projection have been revealed and perhaps one of the most important has been that of family union, for a formative and artistic cause.

In December we will make the virtual presentation of the works to which we will invite you in due course.

Greetings to all and may God bless you for your always support.








Moises Pedraza Robayo 
Fundación Zuá


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