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January Newsletter 2021


To all the friends of the Zuá Foundation, we greet you with optimism and hope. This year is a year of beginning and restarting with new momentum. That’s why the first thing that full us of optimism is that we can celebrate life. It was difficult to say goodbye to so many people, whether they were family, friends or healthcare workers. However, on their behalf, we must continue to move forward and give our best to live in a more humane world.


 We begin the year 2021 on January 5 with the arrival of seven young people from the department of Cauca who during their quarantine started their pre-university course in Senderos as part of the "Young future of Cauca" program. This training, which will last a year and a half, will allow them to continue their university studies. In addition, six other young people have been chosen to begin the pre-university program on February 1 in Patio Bonito.




From January 14 to 21, we held a "Virtual Tutor Camp" with all participants in university and pre-university programs, new and old, it was an exceptional experience that allowed us to meet each morning to share many learning.





This year, we will implement the 2021-2023 strategic plan that we developed during the second half of last year with the participation of all the coordinators and tutors of the foundation. This plan was approved by the board of directors as a management guide last November.

The 2021-2023 strategic plan is a roadmap of the programs that the foundation wishes to apply over the next three years in order to assess the achievement of the objectives set and to measure the progress of the different programs. For each program, a problem tree has been developed in order to establish the aspects on which it is necessary to intervene during the coming years. The result of this critical look is the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) found in the documents.

Based on these elements, scenario planning was designed for each program to identify challenges and establish strategic goals for the next three years.

Then, the targets for this first year were established, the result of this exercise is the Annual Operational Plan - POA 21 - which allows to define the scope of the set objectives. It should be noted that this new plan resumes the formulation of the strategic plans implemented in 2008.

It is on behalf of girls, boys, youth, mothers and tutors that I thank you for your support. We hope to continue to count on your generosity and support in 2021, the year when we must stand united more than ever.

Greetings to all and God bless you for your usual collaboration.









Moises Pedraza Robayo 
Fundación Zuá


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