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January Newsletter 2023

Good wind and good sea to all; we know that it depends on us that this will be a very fruitful year for many girls and boys of the Foundation.

In recent days we culminated our first event, THE TUTORS CAMP 2023-I, which took place between the 7th and 14th of this month at the Senderos headquarters, and in which both university and pre-university tutors participated -35 people in total-, an event led by the coordinators of each of the 3 sites and the director. We met to share, to get to know and recognize each other, to look at the successes of the previous year and the lessons learned, to reflect on each of us and on the group, on our individual and group commitment, to recharge our energies and renew our faith in what we do, in the team and in God. Ultimately, to prepare ourselves to take advantage of the opportunity that life gives us, as we welcome children day by day and invite them to build the path of dreams. 


During the first two days, we had a team of 3 professionals from the Enlaza Foundation, which is in charge of teaching, disseminating and making visible the Integral Sexual Education, an activity with which we culminated an intensive course on this topic that had begun in August last year. This topic has been occupying us more and more every day, because child sexual abuse is a highly prevalent phenomenon that wreaks havoc in the lives of many people, so we intend from now on to train our girls, boys, young people and mothers to prevent this crime.

We then had the opportunity to listen to each other. The first actor is the Foundation, it is key that everyone understands and understands what the Foundation is, why it was created, what it proposes, what is its way of acting, how it is organized and how each one participates in a dream, a philosophy, a way of living, which is ultimately what the Foundation proposes. Then each and everyone was invited to share with the group their experiences during the previous year, both in their work with the children and in their university studies. This is a moment in which everyone shares their joys, pains, achievements, frustrations, dreams, fears, and makes themselves available to the group with what they are and also with what they lack. It is the moment in which we all commit ourselves to support each one to make their dreams come true.



On the other hand, and emphasizing that we intend to influence both tutors and through them in children, not only in academic and artistic training, but also to instill in them some values, on this occasion we proposed to emphasize gratitude as one of the elementary values of human beings. It was a workshop that touched the soul of each one of them, recognizing how throughout their lives they have received so much from so many people and continue to receive daily and until now they have not been aware of it. This changes ways of seeing life, of seeing others, because before seeing what is lacking, each one can see what he/she receives day by day and see how important it is to change the perspective of only receiving, to experience the satisfaction of giving and giving oneself.

Then we watched the movie "Cadena de Favores". What an interesting experience, because its analysis led us all to a deep reflection; besides presenting a whole conception of the way of teaching and learning, since the teacher plays a critical role in challenging his students, we see how children, when challenged, generate ideas capable of transforming not only their lives but their environment, in this case, a very toxic environment for the child's life, an environment that is very similar to that of our children. It also teaches us that even in a very short life, much can be contributed.



Finally, we would like to tell you about a process that has had excellent results in a subject as important as English. Thanks to the generous collaboration of Professor Esperanza Arias, an experiment was started through which the teacher teaches English to the tutors and guides them, giving them the methodologies, contents and resources so that they can do it with the youngest children, the 0-1 and 2-3 groups. This has allowed a better performance and approach of the children to English, and is a solution to the lack of suitable teachers to initiate the children in this essential resource for their education.

At Senderos, the program Joven Porvenir del Cauca continues to fill us with joy and more commitment with the 13 young people who are currently at the headquarters and who develop their studies with the support of all of you, all of which made the program successful, because both in the knowledge tests and in the performance at the university, the results were excellent.


Another workshop was on the stages in the life of a child's development, which led us to specify the type of difficulties that children face in each of their stages, as well as the new skills and abilities that they gain over the years, all of which count when designing activities, requirements and content for their learning.

All of us, distributed in teams, were in charge of the kitchen, one team per day, whose day started at three in the morning, to have breakfast and lunch ready at seven in the morning, so that everyone could participate in all the activities during the day. This is an experience that helps us to appreciate the effort that many people make every day to have our food ready and that in most cases we do not know how to thank them for, and at the same time it is a challenge for each team to prepare the food in such a way that it is not only enough, but also tasty and nourishing. Likewise, there was enough time for two sports afternoons in a sports center in the neighborhood where everyone was able to play and enjoy themselves to the point of exhaustion. There was also time to contribute to the work in the fields with coffee, bananas and animals.

All this contributed to make this event a breath of motivation for the spirit, of renewal of the commitment of the children and for the children, giving all of our part with love.

Thank you dear friends for helping us, for believing in us, because thanks to your support we can help others and have the hope and security to help many more.



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