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July Newsletter 2022

The return to the classroom brings us great gifts such as the physical encounter and contact with nature, especially for those of us who live in the cities, and that is what the children value most when traveling from Bogota to Senderos and encountering a different climate, in a landscape where you can hear the birds singing, the sound of the wind, see the moon and the stars.

It was between June 24 and 28 that a group of children received, as a reward for their excellent academic performance in their respective schools, the trip to Senderos, where they were received with the best attentions; Very comfortable rooms, clean beds, a room for each one, food prepared with love and a coordination team dedicated 24 hours a day to develop with them different activities, from workshops on soft skills, sexuality and teamwork, to sports activities, walks and games, all of which allowed them to live and enjoy the stay to the fullest, so much so that they did not want to return and at the end, they committed themselves to achieve an excellent academic performance in the semester that has just begun and thus ensure their return next December.




Then, between July 2 and 10, the Tutors Camp took place, also in Senderos, after two long years of not being able to organize an event where we could all meet in person.  A total of 31 people attended, among them 10 pre-university students, 16 university students, 5 coordinators and facilitators.  It was a festive event, marked by joy and optimism for finding ourselves alive and full of hope after having overcome such an ordeal for all humanity as the pandemic. There was time to talk about the children, to talk about our own dreams and those of the group, there was time to eat, talk, play, walk, and even to put together a presentation on the environment.













One activity was that of workshops, in which after working in groups in an open space, the participants reflected on topics such as leadership, assertive communication, teamwork and resilience. At other times we reflected on the value of gratitude, at others on support networks. In addition to these workshops, field work was carried out on animal management and cleaning, as well as collaboration with the cleaning of the crops, more precisely coffee.

The purpose of this activity was to give everyone the opportunity to contribute their best to work, learn new things, and experience field work with its demands, discipline and dedication.  It was also the moment in which each person was able to face new and challenging situations. It was a space that contributed intensely to the formation of each one of the participants and that provided excellent material to the trainers to guide them from their shortcomings and their possibilities.





Another of the areas that marked the difference with previous camps was global warming. This is an issue from which no human being can escape, so from this camp onwards it was introduced in the Foundation's agenda, as a top priority issue, to involve children, families, all those who are part of the Foundation, uniting the specific actions that we develop internally with those of local and national authorities.

This first approach was made through the assembly of an artistic presentation that included: theater, dance, posters, choreographies, singing and music, whose instruments were made by the tutors themselves in the Senderos workshops and with local materials. It was a challenging activity that summoned the interest, creativity and intense work of the whole group guided by excellent teachers, until achieving an artistic representation that saw the light on Saturday July 9 in Villeta, repeating it on several occasions and achieving the interest of the public, so much so that even people made small contributions in money, which helped to finance the transportation of the group to and from Senderos.
















This was a challenge that showed us that by joining minds, wills and talents we can achieve truly amazing results and that we can innovate and contribute to such urgent issues for humanity as climate change.

To all those who believe in what we do and collaborate with us, thank you, thousands of thanks because it is the way to help many of these kids to experience that you can dream and it is possible to make their life plans come true.



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