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March Newsletter 2022

We want to tell you how we bring children to music:

We propose that they enjoy music, discover how they can produce it, recognize that they have the best instrument such as their voice and find that music makes their lives more pleasant, more beautiful and participatory.

Music develops self-esteem, discipline, teamwork, concentration, intelligence and sensitivity to be a better human being; a child who concentrates for periods of an hour, even more, playing an instrument either in rehearsals or presentations, is a child who easily concentrates later in a math class or any other subject.

For this, we have two very good teachers and at least two weekly music sessions, all from the body percussion and the approach to instruments such as the xylophone and recorder in order to strengthen their sense of rhythm, tuning and laterality.



  • The children and young people have theoretical and practical knowledge of rhythmic solfeggio with different levels of difficulty.
  • Intonation exercises such as imitation, major scales, canon and songs.
  • Conventional classification of musical instruments
  • Contact with the musical instruments and location of the notes on these instruments.
  • Execution of musical rhythms with percussion 


The response of the children is mostly very positive, they come to class happy, they like to sing, they love to play the instruments available and in general, they are passionate about music. Also, something that the children love is the integration of music with theater, so we have always prepared a play for the end of each year that integrates these two elements. This year we are working with Peter Pan to present it in December.

This musical development in the Zuá Foundation has been possible thanks to the constant support of the Rotary Club Bogotá Centenario and the Novato Club of the United States. To them, thousands of thanks.

Help us so that many more children can reach much further with their musical notes.




We are counting on you to support so that many younger people can realize their dream of studying a professional career. You can make your donation on behalf of the Zuá NIT Foundation 830104271-8 by the deposit or transfer to the following accounts: 

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