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March Newsletter 2023

The Foundation has managed to promote a love of reading in many children and young people through its activities by providing access to physical or digital books, organizing writing workshops, and offering read-aloud sessions; providing the necessary tools to develop critical thinking and communication skills, resulting in a better understanding of the world around them and developing greater confidence in themselves.


For children who cannot yet read, reading stories to them in groups has been a strategy to motivate and awaken their love for reading and children's literature, as a key element linked to writing. Different literary genres such as stories, fables, poetry, and children's stories have been used. The children have been very motivated to read, so much so that after some time, they are the ones who ask to be read the books. It is striking that they prefer this activity above others.

Children who are starting to read on their own are motivated by more complex stories such as Platero y Yo, The Little Prince, riddles, tongue twisters, and are able to invent new stories using writing, drawing, and visual arts. It should be noted that they borrow books to take them home, discuss them with their classmates, and together they decide which was the best to recommend to others. Children over 12 years old prefer horror, detective, and suspense books. In addition, some of them begin to become interested in different events in the country and the world, and in this way they become motivated towards research and reading.



At the Foundation's pre-university level, great importance is given to the area of critical reading, as it is one of the fields in which graduating high school students have a low and, in some cases, critical level. This work requires a great deal of dedication. For this semester, for example, literature is alternated with reading of highly complex novels (this semester including One Hundred Years of Solitude and Blindness by Saramago), opinion columns, and a basic course in philosophy. Conversations are held where the central ideas (the core of the ideas or messages) are identified, and individual progress is checked; the results are good and in some cases surprising.

Charith Chicangana, a student at the Senderos pre-university, states: "I have liked the combination of methodologies in the classes, prioritizing individual participation and rigorous detail in the analysis of texts." This has undoubtedly been one of the greatest achievements, as children are gradually acquiring reading habits that are rarely developed in school. Getting a child or young person to take the initiative to read is the first step in becoming an autonomous person and learning throughout their life.



The above shows that we can indeed influence girls, boys, and young people to encourage them to become better human beings.

Thank you for your support in making this effort a reality.



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