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May Newsletter 2022

Every year we receive a group of 14 "Ninis" - neither studying nor working - due, among other reasons, to their low performance during high school, which is manifested in very low scores on tests to enter university, in addition to the difficulty of obtaining resources to cover university costs.

The challenge with them is to help them with discipline and good teachers to improve their academic performance and therefore their scores in the university entrance exams to ensure their admission and permanence in the university. 

One of the causes of their low performance is a childhood marked by multiple violence, abandonment, bullying, poverty, etc., which leaves wounds that do not heal on their own. This requires healing work, which only God, with the help of teachers and psychologists, knows how to do. 


This work, although it is done daily during the pre-university year, has some more intense moments dedicated exclusively to psychosocial work, where the pre-university students have the opportunity to be listening, be cared for, and to heal several scars in their souls.

This was the general objective set for the camp that we have just held during the Semana Mayor, with rigorous planning, the group of pre-university students from Bogota met with the group of pre-university students from Senderos, for a total of 14 young people. It was an intense week of activities, all of them aimed at bringing out and enhancing the best in each of them and identifying their weak points that can be worked on.


There were nine days of sporting events, hikes, fieldwork in crops, moving stone, and wood, animal care, cooking with firewood, baths in the river, and a visit to a nearby foundation for children with cognitive disabilities, which was one of the most impressive experiences. Each of these activities had a specific objective, all of them oriented to unveiling the children's behaviors in different circumstances. Once each activity was finished, they returned to the intense process of reflection and self-reflection.

The children had a lot of fun, they laughed and cried, but above all, they experienced many moments in which they fought against themselves and their inner ghosts, and for the first time, in most cases, they were able to express their pain and tell their untold stories, which were important for us to listen to them and give them tools to face their pain and personal problems. 


From there they began to understand much of their behavior, often wrong, and at the same time, they discovered facets they did not know, skills that they did not know they had and from a deep look at themselves they began to dream.
There, the last night in the warmth and light of a campfire, each one expressed how much they were able to understand and value their lives, while at the same time they became aware of the great opportunity they have to receive this accompaniment and the blessing of having come to Fundación Zuá.
Well, they and we are doing the task thanks to the help we receive from generous friends. However, the number of "Ninis" is huge, so we want to have more helping hands who want to join this dream that every day becomes a reality for many of them.




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