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November Newsletter 2022


 Getting to the room where we meet the children is a feat, because in winter, which has been most of the year, there is mud everywhere, while on sunny days, there is a dust that invades the lungs; however, at 7:30 in the morning we find smiling, happy children who, regardless of the conditions, know they will be greeted by people who give them a warm hug and then share a hot breakfast with them.

Little girls and boys from 5 years old and up to some who are already finishing high school arrives, in total there are 16 beneficiaries in the morning and 16 in the afternoon, it is a small group because we only have a warehouse for rent, in a first floor, and there is the coordinator and two tutors in the morning and two in the afternoon, are organized to develop self-confidence in children by teaching them to read, write and basic math operations.



The tutors and the coordinator are in charge of motivating them to learn, to discover the world of opportunities behind education; a world they are getting to know through books, computers and tablets that must be used for minutes as they are not enough for everyone; in addition to education, there are also moments to sing, dance and play. And so it is that around eleven in the morning they receive a lunch prepared with the best condiment of all - love - and when the service is over, the coordinator with the tutors organize the room to receive the children who, in the same attitude, arrive at one in the afternoon to begin a process similar to those of the morning and so on until five in the afternoon, when they receive a snack before going home. Many times, the dilemma is for the children to leave, because they want to stay in the Foundation, the place that welcomes them, where they receive love, food and the possibility of dreaming of a better life.

Living this problem, we cannot help but ask ourselves, what will become of the lives of many of these children who at the age of 10 do not go to school and do not have the minimum knowledge to face the world? But at the same time, we find wonderful tutors who are aware that the time they have at their disposal is a unique opportunity to mark the future of these Colombians and Venezuelans punished by the reality they live.


The day starts at 5:30 in the morning with the arrival of the mothers in charge of food preparation; in the morning we offer breakfast and lunch, and in the afternoon lunch and snack. It is a group of seven mothers, who in return (for the care of their children) contribute 4 hours of their time during the week for this work. Then each group - in charge of a student of the higher education program (pre-university or university), who in return for the payment of their university tuition contributes 20 hours a week to the little ones - go to the classrooms to do their school homework.

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We currently have children and young people who attend 24 different schools in the locality, which requires an almost personalized attention for the development of the tasks, although they are in the same grades. Then they participate in school reinforcement in mathematics, reading and writing and English. There the work is focused on the academic difficulties of each child and young person that in many cases do not correspond to the educational level in which they are; also all strategies are used to support them in their academic process and personal development such as: virtual academic platforms, books, teaching materials, audiovisual materials, among others; they also participate in music classes and other activities proposed by each group in order to provide spaces for comprehensive learning. The daily development of the activities is carried out with the help of a coordinator and 13 tutors who attend the Foundation -some in the morning and others in the afternoon-.

The day at the Patio Bonito site ends at six o'clock in the afternoon with the children and young people who attended the school in the morning.



At Centro de Estudios los Senderos in the village of San Bernardo - rural area of the municipality of Sasaima-, we currently have 8 young people of which 3 are studying a university degree in virtual mode and 5 are studying pre-university, a group led by a coordinator who has just completed her master's degree in Neuropsychology. The day begins at 4:30 a.m. with physical activity, some go jogging, others do Zumba and other isometric exercises for an hour, then they continue cleaning the facilities while another group prepares breakfast, which is served at 7:00 in the morning. From 7:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., it is a study time with online classes, pre-university and university professors. At approximately 1:10 p.m. lunch is served and then for an hour and a half psychology workshops are held, dedicated each week to a different topic, there is also time to listen and follow up with their personal life stories; these exercises have allowed us to process painful life events, to discover that we are still people under construction and that we start from these realities to structure the life project of each of them.



In Senderos we also explored, through different group techniques, the capabilities that we have individually and as a group, so we took advantage of these techniques to apply them in daily life to learn to live in an environment different from the culture where each young person comes from; achieving adaptability to compliance with rules and schedules of community work. But there was also time to play soccer and participate in a sports program -tournament- carried out by the municipality, which served as a showcase for them to get to know us.

From 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. we did field activities such as planting different crops of coffee, corn, beans, bananas and others, then they had another hour of study, around seven in the evening we served dinner, and we ended the day with:

-Gathering to exchange among all the experiences of the day to day.

- An hour and a half of reading.

And at nine o'clock at night we go to the dormitories, this routine is executed from Monday to Saturday, because Sunday is total rest, recreation and fun. A rest in which we take advantage of the benefits of nature with walks to nearby places, go to visit friendly institutions, and in dry weather take a dip in the nearby streams, stroll through Sasaima and at least once, travel to Villeta to see its tourist attractions and taste delicious ice cream.

This routine is broken sporadically with some extra activity, such as an outing to tour Bogotá, visit the museums, take a walk through La Candelaria and the different buildings of the central political powers, and, of course, ride the Transmilenio, go up to Monserrate by Funicular and down by cable car, all of which is a novelty for these young people who are visiting downtown Bogotá for the first time. This experience is marked by some milestones constituted by the presentation of the Saber Tests and the receipt of their results, which fortunately mark, as a rule, a considerable progress in all the children and that constitutes a stimulus for teachers and coordinators, but above all for each and every one of the students who confirm that they are capable of improving in all fields and then launch themselves to dream and to make their goals come true.



It only remains for me to tell you that for all of us to witness the gradual progress of most of the children, who are becoming autonomous, determined and determined to succeed, is the best encouragement to continue giving our best every day. Thanks to all our friends who support us with their donations so that the attention to children and young people from vulnerable and marginalized populations continue to be a reality with tangible results.


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