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September Newsletter 2022

During the pandemic, the Foundation's food program was the flagship program, but once the health crisis passed, we no longer talked about this vital resource for the children of the Zuá Foundation, so we want to send you the answer to the concerns of some of our friends about this:

Once we returned to presentiality, starting in the middle of last year, both in Patio Bonito and in Bosa, we started giving the children two snacks in the morning and two snacks in the afternoon, because due to the high cost of food, we could not give them a full lunch. However, much to our regret, we discovered that the only food the children were receiving all day was the food provided by the Foundation, which prompted us to redouble our efforts to meet such an urgent need.



Since the first half of this year in Bosa and for the last 2 months in Patio Bonito, we have been providing breakfast and lunch again. Although this is not yet at the level of quantity and quality that it was before the pandemic, because as we all know, the exorbitant increase in the price of food has prevented us from returning to the level we had before COVID19; in any case we want to tell you that we are doing everything humanly possible to feed these children in the best way possible.

At Patio Bonito, we provide breakfast, lunch and a snack:

50 breakfasts between children, youth and tutors.

100 lunches, starting in the afternoon, counting the 50 children who arrive from school; it should be noted that this lunch includes vegetable proteins because there are not enough resources for animal proteins, and in the afternoon we provide a snack for the children and tutors.

In the case of Bosa, at the beginning of the day - 7:30 a.m. - we provide breakfast for 20 children and at 1:00 p.m. lunch for the children and tutors, who are part of the afternoon session, and just like in Patio Bonito we also provide a snack.


It is important to note that when the children receive food, they are different, they become calmer, they almost completely reduce their aggression, they are ready to follow instructions, they are happy to work and they concentrate. Without food, unfortunately, it is useless to work with them... and let's remember that it is because of this problem of food that the Foundation was born and that is where we must stay.

In the case of the young people of the "Programa Joven Porvenir del Cauca", the Foundation provides them with everything, such as food 24 hours a day; in the next newsletter, we will give more details about this program.




We hope to have solved many of your concerns, however, from the Foundation we want to tell you from the bottom of our hearts that we are very happy and grateful to our friends who help us, thanks to their contributions we have been able to distribute their donations in the best possible way and mitigate a large part of this blow so strong of the increase in the cost of food.

We invite you to continue to help so that these children do not suffer from hunger, now we must be stronger, join more efforts and continue to cultivate the seed of Zuá in more hearts.



We are counting on you to support us so that many younger people can realize their dream of studying for a professional career. You can make your donation on behalf of the Zuá NIT Foundation 830104271-8 by the deposit or transfer to the following accounts: 

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