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September Newsletter

Dear friends, we want to share with you another great achievement of the Foundation, considering the complex situation that the world is going through and to which Zuá is no stranger. For this second semester of 2020 we have enrolled all the young people who had been studying their university degrees; Even in this period, five new students entered who successfully completed pre-university. Next, the names of the young people enrolled, the universities, the careers, and the semester they are studying:

matriculados septiembre 2020

 Likewise, it fills us with joy and satisfaction to tell you that the previous semester two of our program coordinators finished their studies successfully; Naidu Guzmán in Psychology and Diana Torres master’s in social management, both from the Minuto de Dios University.

 naidu diana septiembre 2020

 As you can read, we have 19 young people enrolled in the university, 17 of whom are in Bogotá and 2 in Senderos, arduous work that would not have been possible without the support of many donor friends and some of the universities that offered discounts on their programs. academics because of the situation that has generated the pandemic.

tutores septiembre 2020


The academic performance of the university students in the semester that ended in July was on a score of 5: 0 between 4: 0 and 4: 7, which means a very good average, demonstrating to all the commitment and responsibility of each one to arrive at these results; Likewise, we all know that in addition to studying, these university students give a compensation of 20 hours a week that at this time they use them to help children and mothers, virtually.All university applicants must first take and pass the three-semester pre-university organized and conducted by the Foundation; For this year, the effort continues to pay off with six additional boys who we hope will enter college in June of next year. Finally, we tell you that we are permanently working and joining forces to ensure that this group of young people can enroll again in November and December and thus continue their studies in 2021. We invite you to continue supporting us and together we make your dreams of being professionals come true.


Moises Pedraza Robayo
Fundación Zuá


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