How to help fund the Foundation?

One way is to volunteer with us. The entire management team gives their time, knowledge, and experience freely and voluntarily to the Foundation. No salaries, no payroll, no financial reward.

A second way is through an economic contribution, thus giving others the opportunity to help. If you want to help but do not have time to do it, you can be part of the team through an economic contribution so that those who do have the time can help.

A third way is an idea that all or any help helps everyone. In the Foundation, nothing is just given, it is all about giving and receiving. Zuá is a space for mutual help. Children, from an incredibly young age, are taught to give, not just to receive. An expression of this criterion is cascade helping: the one who learns something teaches it to the younger ones, and so on.

People who take pleasure in helping others feel at peace and happy. They have understood that helping others is a way of living life, of being in the world, that helping others gives meaning to life (I am alive to serve others, I am alive to help). They believe that there are only two ways of living as humans. The first one is to live for oneself, to satisfy oneself (If I am happy, nothing more matters to me). The second one is to live for others, to look at others with mercy, and to give them as far as possible and without measure (Your worries and stresses are mines).
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