Bosa - Villa Emma - La Costalera

One of the objectives of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan is to expand care and we decided from January 2019 to start a search to serve a needy population to serve and from May and thanks to the collaboration of the Secretariat of Social Integration of the minor mayor's office of Bosa, which connected us with the Porvenir Sector Work Table, we developed the accompaniment program for a group of 35 children in the Caminos del Porvenir sector until November in a communal room provided by the administrator of such set. They welcomed us very well, and the children became fond of the program, however, we observed that this was not the sector most in need that required attention.

Since October 2019 we began some approaches with families through one of the leading mothers in the Bosa sector- Villa Emma n Costalera, and since January 2020 we began to develop the same model that we have built during these 20 years in Patio Bonito, advancing through stages and we start with attention to girls, boys, youth and mothers.

We began to develop activities in the room that the Communal Action board lent us and there we found a particularly willing community. The programs were organized in two hours from 8:00 to 10:30 and from 1:00 to 3:30 this to facilitate the movement of the children from the house to the Foundation and then from this to the community dining room for those in the morning. The learning Workshops began, accompanied by the children with the tasks and workshops on literacy, mathematics, and English. In Nutrition it began with a snack in the morning and one in the afternoon and it was organized in the same room since there is the facility to give them food.

In the six weeks of face-to-face work, the date on which the public schools were closed and therefore we had to stop face-to-face care, we managed to reach the heart of that community and of course they to ours, for which we continue with various alternatives in care virtual.

The Bosa families of the program joined the "Solidarity Campaign of the Zuá Foundation in Difficult Times" in April to receive markets. These are families that live from day to day, which without being able to work due to the pandemic go hungry and thanks to the generosity of several donors of the Foundation we have been able to continue helping the neediest families enrolled in the program.

In the Empowering Moms and Families program, we have also linked several Bosa moms to help their children with homework and train them in basic training in technology, the use of the computer, the Internet, and academic platforms. In addition, we intend to help moms to improve their reading and math levels, to motivate themselves to enter and complete their primary and secondary school and to prepare and motivate them to explore the development of entrepreneurship as a group.

From the virtuality in the Workshop, program let's learn, in April we restarted the attention to the children in a virtual way, we started with a census on the technological reality of each family and based on this and on the permission of each mother, we assigned a tutor per family and started virtual care for children. During vacations, they also participated in creative and recreational vacation contests on theater, writing, art, sports, and music. Once the new semester at school had begun, the virtual support of the tutors to each family group began again.

Expanding the Zuá Foundation program to Bosa has been an interesting experience that has allowed us to explore new communities and expand the circle of care for girls and boys and their families.